Best Practices for Successful Sourcing from Mainland China

Mainland China is one of the most sought-after countries. Sourcing over there will be challenging is you are not familiar with the regulations, logistics, production process, etc. of this Asia giant. Understanding the routine and practices of sourcing in Mainland China is imperative to avoid product failure, shipment delays, penalties, and many other risks. Check out the upcoming Sourcing webinar, where our sourcing expert will share some of the best practices for Successful Sourcing from Mainland China, including:

  • Key steps to carry out sourcing in Mainland China
  • Potential risks and failure of sourcing in Mainland China
  • Solutions to mitigate potential risks, and
  • Case studies and live Q&A session

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About the Speaker: Richard is the CEO and co-founder of Dragon Sourcing and has over 30 years of consulting and operational experience. Prior to finding Dragon Sourcing, Richard had worked for a range of blue-chip consultancies including Booz Allen and Hamilton in London and Accenture, and managed large international procurement programmes across a variety of industries including automotive, chemicals, FMCG, electronics, paper & financial services, etc. Richard holds a commercial engineering degree from Solvay Business School (Belgium) and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University (USA).